Am I abusing the Holy Spirit?

“Everything the Holy Spirit does in us is related to His mission.

The Holy Spirit does not perform His work in us in some disjointed, haphazard way. He does not exist simply to help us cope with life, to get us through crises and to see us through lonely nights. He is not present in us just to pick us up and pump in a little more strength before putting us back into the race.

Everything the Holy Spirit does is related to His reason for coming, which is to bring us home as a prepared Bride. He acts only in keeping with that mission. Yes, He is our Guide, our Comforter, our Strength in time of need. But He uses every act of deliverance- every touch, every manifestation of Himself in us- to make us more suitable as a Bride.

Neither is the Holy Ghost here just to give gifts to believers. His every gift has a purpose behind it. If you prophesy, that prophecy has one purpose: to glorify Christ and to make the world and His Church fall in love with Him. Every time someone is healed, the Holy Ghost is saying, “Take a look. That’s your Jesus! Isn’t He wonderful? He embodies healing- you’re seeing the manifestation of who He is!”

– Hungry for More of Jesus, David Wilkerson


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  1. “He does not exist simply to help us cope with life, to get us through crises and to see us through lonely nights.” I think sometimes we turn to the Holy Spiritonly when we’re in need and forget to thank Him for His presence in every second of our lives.

  2. lilyboat says:

    That was my favorite part from this excerpt too. It hits the right spot. Honestly I felt guilty when I read that part. I get so clingy to the Holy Spirit for the smallest things! I need to remind myself a million times that the Holy Spirit is a busy, busy person and I shouldn’t bother Him as much as I do! But how He’s always there… it’s just amazing.

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