The alchemy of forgiveness

Many ask me why I went to Hawaii. I usually fire another question back to them.

“I have a million different answers. Which one do you want?”

Do you know which answer I want to give? A truthful answer. But I don’t think many can take it.

First off, no one will believe when I say that I didn’t really want to move to Hawaii. If I tell them that I did not feel like I had any choice in that matter, they would not believe. I think most will think that I am one lucky girl. I really am a lucky girl, but I sure didn’t feel like one at that time.

I moved to Hawaii because it was either that, or suicide. Since I became a follower of Jesus Christ as my Lord, suicide was not an option. It would give my king the greatest grief. I would never do that to Him.

I could be a million things depending on from which perspective I look at things. For example, in the story of a man possessed with an army of demons(Luke 8:26-39), I could easily identify myself with one of those pigs that plunged down the steep hillside into the lake and drowned. My move to Hawaii was just that. I plunged into the great ocean and drowned. But God had different fate prepared for me. He had much, much better treatment planned out for me than for those pigs. I don’t know what happened to those pigs that drowned in the lake, but I know what happened to me after that sudden drowning act. I landed on a beautiful island and found myself on a quest. The great quest of… healing. This is no story of finding the hidden treasure on a treasure island. This is no story of finding the perfect love match on an exotic island. But it is the story of healing.

It’s the story of one sick girl so desperately wanting to get better. The story of a girl with a damaged brain, collecting the shattered memories of sufferings and traumas in order to forgive, and by the alchemy of the forgiveness, they are transformed into something more precious than gold; The love, a genuine source of healing. It’s the story all of us are living out. And it’s the story we are all called to live.

So why did I move to Hawaii? I could give you a million answers. I have many plots. But quite honestly, I don’t know why I made that move. But I know one thing for sure.

I am glad I moved to Hawaii when I did.

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