Not Swallowed in the Sea

They say Ocean City, MD got wiped out from the hurricane Sandy. That’s a sad news for me. Ocean City holds a very special place in my heart. It’s the place my sister took me once in her effort to help me deal with my personal tragedies not long after my divorce. Ocean was on my mind then, and only the ocean was big enough to contain my sadness. We went there for a short weekend. Obviously, that little trip to the Ocean City was not enough. Two months later, I moved to Hawaii. I plunged into the pacific ocean. I was swallowed up in the sea, but, in a good way.

That weekend in April I spent in Ocean City is still remembered after over three years has passed. We stayed at a condo on a street named “seabiscuit” which I thought was a perfect symbol of hope for the cure of my broken-heartedness along with my broken financial situation.

But now, that place is flooded and swallowed up by Sandy.

During those times, I listened to “Swallowed in the sea” by Coldplay over and over. To me, that song was written by God just for me. It was God singing to me, telling me that I belong with him, not swallowed in the sea. When I felt like drowning in the sea, jumping into the suffocating density, God so desperately persuaded me, made me see that I belong with him. Not swallowed in the sea.

The dock where I stood trying to find balance on the narrow path of life and death is now flooded in water. This hurricane killed many, took many lives from the face of the earth, but the real question is: how many souls did it take away from the kingdom of God? Did they belong with Him at the time of their deaths? After the hurricane, where are their souls right now?

And after we all go through our own version of hurricanes, where will our souls be?

Not lost in the sea, I hope.

Don’t get lost. You know you want to be found deep down.

The rescue is here.

Reach out while your life is… here.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful message. You remind me of a passage in Psalm 90: Make us know the shortness of our life
    That we may gain wisdom of heart.

  2. lilyboat says:

    I just read the entire chapter. Every word rings true in my heart! I did not realize that this was a prayer of Moses. Thank you for directing me to this beautiful psalm!

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