Until We Meet again

Graphics Grotto.


I remember you,

all you that I have crossed my paths with.

May the Lord bless us all

for having crossed our paths.


For having crossed our path itself

is a great task.

Just to run into each other,

to have come this far,

to arrive where we are today, facing each other

is itself a great task.


So may the Lord bless us all

for all the days of our lives

from now and for eternity.

A Hui Hou,

until we meet again.


For all the things that we had to overcome,

For all the rivers that we had to cross over,

Here’s to us all.

A Hui Hou,

Until we meet again,

we celebrate our lives.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. This is beautifully reflective, lilyboat. Did you write it?

  2. lilyboat says:

    Good morning! I did write it last night after my prayer. I felt sudden flush of love for all those that I have encountered in my life! Have a blessed day and thank you for being in my life! 🙂

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