Lost without You


Shed some light into this,

This modern world bores me to death.


Pour your spirit out upon me,

Let your thoughts be known,

reveal your heart.


When I was suffering,

When I was tempted,

When I was lonely,

When I was lost,

When I was hopeless,

When I was in despair,

When I was afraid,

You were there, holding me up.


This child of yours knows

How you cared for me,

How you suffered for me,

How you cried for me,

How you fought for me,

How you prayed for me.


But what about this, O God,

When the entire world bores me to death,

When absolutely nothing excites me aside from You,

When I am so desperate for You,

When nothing else will satisfy but You,

When everything seems so forlorn and pointless unless it is You,

Where do I flee?


What if your holy presence living in me is not enough?

What if your holy presence living in others is not enough?

Where do I go to find home for this restless longing?

Where do I flee?


Do you, Mighty Lord–

Do you have cure for this?

Do you, Glorious King–

Do you hear my desperate cry?

I’m lost without You.


“In the day when I cried

                          thou answeredst me,

                          and strengthenedst me

                                                          with strength

                                                                                                 in my soul.”

– Ps 138:3

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  1. This is beautiful, lilyboat. You have a heart that loves greatly. God bless you.

  2. lilyboat says:

    A heart that loves God is all I could ever ask for. God bless you for your loving and generous heart!

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