A Beautiful World

Inside the thorny chestnut burr, there lived three chestnut brothers.

The oldest wanted to be of help once he’s out in the world.

The second oldest wanted to become delicious food.

The youngest, however, was afraid of the outside world.

“I am afraid of going out there. I don’t think I am capable of  anything.”, said the youngest chestnut, discouraged.

Soon, Autumn arrived. The chestnuts grew up and one day landed on the ground, finally free from their tiny little nest.

The squirrel came and ate the oldest chestnut.

Then the next morning, a farmer came and collected the second oldest chestnut.

The youngest chestnut started to worried. “Both of my brothers are gone now. What will happen to me?”

One day, two days passed. But nothing happened to the youngest one.

The fallen leaves started to pile up on top of the youngest chestnut. He fell into a deep sleep.

When the youngest one got up from sleep, there was a sprout growing on him!

Decades passed.

One day a little child was passing by and said, “Dad! Look at that giant chestnut tree!”

That’s how the youngest chestnut knew that he has grown up to become a big chestnut tree.”

                                                                   – Story written by Chaehak Park. Translation is my own.


The big fall traumatized me.

I fell into a deep sleep.

I slept for a long time.

When I finally woke up,

it was spring time.

I kept growing.

and growing.

and growing.

and I am still growing.

I read this story last night at the bed time to my little nieces. I think it’s my new favorite. I thought about this story all day, every time I felt discouraged, every time I was losing hope. Every time I remembered this story, it made me smile.

I think I am going to read this story to my little angels again tonight. And tomorrow night. Maybe every night from now on. They would never know that I am reading this story aloud for myself more than for them.

“Don’t be afraid, my little angels!”, I will tell my nieces when I finish reading the story. “There’s a beautiful world waiting for you!”

And for me.

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