The Allure of Solitude

photo by Jon Kats from


I love Mr. Kats’s photography as much as his writings directly coming from his farm lifestyle. I love his photos because of its real-life feel. It’s not touched up professionally so much, manipulated, or setup. It’s all real. It comes from his own life, and for every photo, he has a real life story to go with it.

When I spotted this photo of a lone sheep, I immediately felt the connection. I was looking back at myself. That lonely sheep away from her flock was me. The irony is, this isolation is the result of my own choosing. I choose to detach myself as much as I can afford. It’s not cheep.

There’s an in depth beauty in being alone. Solitude is an alluring gift that can only be given by God. To be able to endure the long path of loneliness and finally reach the sweet land of solitude is God given opportunity. Upon arriving, a land is granted. It’s where you walk with God, commune with Him constantly, where He reveals Himself without reserve. You are one with God. And that’s the real picture of solitude.

Anyway, you get the picture. You don’t need thousands of words to express this allure of solitude. Why bother, when you have a picture? The convenience of photography outweighs the beauty of writing sometimes.

“I rarely see a sheep alone and this one, our smallest one, stood out. Something poignant about a sheep alone.”

– Jon Kats




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