I Am Your God


The room grows darker,

lights off, time to pray.

I get up from my seat,

to kneel on the ground.

When my hands meet each other,

the Voice reaches my heart saying,

“I am your God.”


Silents prayers are the best.

Silent tears even better.

I am on fire,

my soul taken up to the heavens,

I have never heard anything hotter than this,

“I am your God.”


All those requests,

pleas and wishes–

moaning and weeping fill the space,

I hear the outcries, outspoken words all around me,

but I silence my mind and focus on the Voice

still thundering in my heart that says,

“I am your God.”


“Yes, you are.”

After I let out those silent words,

I get up and leave the prayer room.

Few words were spoken,

but so much has been said,

between me and my God.

“You are my God.”





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