In You Alone

Dear God,

if there is any hindrance that’s blocking my path to you,

I ask that you remove that blockage right now,

and let Your grace flood into my life.


With Your overflowing love and kindness,

help me set sail and reach wherever you intend me,

blown by the power of your Holy Spirit,

I desire to go where You will me.


My today is Your today,

My tomorrow, Your tomorrow,

and even though my yesterday might have been far from Yours,

You say that now is not too late.

You say that now is the best time to make it Yours.

So take my life into Your hands,

and as Jesus has commended His spirit into Yours,

I, too, commend mine into Yours.


Take me,

take all of me.

I belong to You,

not to the world.

In You alone,

I live.

Today, and tomorrow,

and all the days of my life from here on,

will be lived in You alone.



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