Leave the Rest to Benetton

A fundamental change of mind doesn’t just happen in the head. It derives from a deeper place. It comes from your soul. At one point your soul determines that it is time to make a change, and then your mind aids the decision of the soul. That is the only path to the genuine change. When that happens, it is not just a simple change any longer. It is a transformation.

We all witness the times of transformation in our lives or in the lives of others. It happens in the nation, the world, and it happens in the human history. For example, when internet was invented, every conception we held until then had been altered on every possible level.

01_img001Take this photo, first published in 1990, and “changed the face of AIDS.”

How did this happen? It happened when the Journalism student Therese Frare had taken interest in covering AIDS by the time she went to Columbia Graduate School. She found a community that was acceptable to her ideas, and this picture landed on Life Magazine. 2 years later, Benetton used the picture in their ad offering a spotlight on this issue for much attention.

After the big controversy subsided, compassion eventually surfaced. Fear of the AIDS? Understandable. It was an epidemic, spreading fast, and there was no cure for it. The pain is most devastating. Just look at that face of David Kirby on his death bed.

But what it taught us was, not to fear this way of dying, the AIDS and the agony it causes, but sympathy. It taught us one simple moral lesson: Hate the disease, but not the person. Remember Humanitarianism.

We are the kind of people who embrace the hated, the outcasts, the escapees, the untouchables, the lonely, the sick, the old, the helpless, the homeless, the lost, the sinners. We are the kind of people who love the most unlovable. We care, and our ability to care knows no bounds. We are the human beings. We are the species that care about things outside of us.

When your soul has taken interest in something, someone, or some issue, ignoring it would be the most disastrous thing you can do. If you hear the signal of your soul ringing in your deep core, use your mind and think about what actions you can take.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand.

It’s really a simple act. Going out the door. Contacting the community. Some persuasion effort might be require, of course. Rejection after rejection is probably in order. But little by little you pave your way. It’s only answering the call of your soul. Just that small answer. One yes, after another to your very own soul.

And then, when you have done your job, when you have done what was required of you,

leave the rest to Benetton.

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