Giving Glory to God(everyday)

Every flower is a gift from God.


This is a daily retreat from Jesuit Ministry(Loyola Press). I found this very apt for today’s reflection.

Click for the Daily Retreat(12.31.2012): Son of God, Son of Mary

Psalm 96:3

Tell God’s Glory among the nations;

among all peoples,

God’s marvelous deeds.


There are days when we feel God’s presence and want to sing God’s praise. And there are days when our hearts feel dark and we wonder if God is really near. We can get busy and miss the blessings God offers us. One way to recognize these everyday blessings is through personal reflection. By making a habit of noticing God’s action in our lives, we can let God’s light shine into any darkness we experience. Then we, like the psalmist, can proclaim God’s glory.

What blessings am I aware of at this moment?

How can I make a little time in my life for daily personal reflection?

(Pray to God, using these words or your own.)

God, help me to slow down and to notice the many ways you bless each day that I may grow in the practice of gratitude.


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