How Do I Proclaim This Unseen Love?

by Joe Cavazos @ Creationswap
by Joe Cavazos @ Creationswap


How do I proclaim this unseen Love?

What words or images do I have equivalent to express Your unutterable Love for me?

No severe poets produced the right Word.

No strong lovers replicated the intensity of this Love of Yours.

Only Death revealed the Truth of your Love.

The very death that haunts all lovers, merely Your means.

You chose the dead-end to start our eternal courtship.

Yours was the Love that cried out Your happiness even through death.

You conquered death, and death obeyed You.

Upon Your Passion for me, You came hard,

You rocked the earth and the heavens.

Your absolute Love moved the Creator,

and the day You died for me, He shed His Holy tears.

O the only One that could make God cry,

The only Love worth receiving the entire human race,

to You, I submit.

To you, I obey.

I proclaim my love for You,

by remembering Your unspeakable Love for me.

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  1. Your writing is wonderful If you would consider allowing me to republish some of it, with full attribution and link to your great blog, please let me know. You have such a gift. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. lilyboat says:

      Hello Deacon Keith! So great to see you here again. I would be very honored, and would indeed consider. Anything to spread the Love of God out there! If you need to communicate with me, here is my email address:

      Thank you again for all your hard work at God bless you!

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