The Prayer of Mary by Keith Fournier


We observe Lent starting from tomorrow. I’ve found a perfect companion for this season.

The Prayer of Mary by the author Keith Fournier(also includes some poems by Lela Gilbert) is a devotional book about our Blessed Mother Mary. Mr. Fournier beautifully, and gently walks you through the ways of Our Lady, showing us her simplicity of faith and the absolute trust she had in the Lord.

Get into the heart of Mary, into her holy love, and she will guide us to the Way of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, her Son. What better guide can we ask for?

Her presence shall surely prepare us all the way to the holy week, and beyond. She is always right by us, but if you are like me and find that you need a reminder, this book can do that for you.



“In the clamor and the glamor of our daily lives, may we empty ourselves of all else, so that we can be filled with Jesus Christ.

May we find the grace to deny ourselves and choose the way of the Cross, and to thereby become God’s instruments, upon which His song of salvation can be beautifully played.

Our world has been filled with the cacophony of self, crying out in emptiness. May God help us to fully hear, instead, our Creator’s symphony of love. May He grant us the grace to join in Mary’s humble song.”

– Keith Fournier

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