The Truth of the Cross

* * *

You don’t have to suffer great pain to be brought down to the point of helpless surrender for God to accomplish His will. Remember Mary’s simple Fiat. Through one simple Yes to the call, and selfless obedience to His will, Jesus came into the world to complete God’s Plan. If God chooses a servant to use as His vessel of grace, and blessings, the servant will have to obey in one way or another. God’s will is mighty and His plan will be accomplished. His Word will be spread and His Power will be revealed. Remember Jonah. Remember his flee, remember how God captured him, remember how Jonah had no choice but to obey. You will obey, one way or another, if God chose you as His vessel. It is right and just to fear His call. But take comfort in knowing this: He makes use of His workers to bring His abundant grace to the human race that He loves.

You might have to live through a decade of depression. You might have to lose your most precious. You might have to witness the horrors. You might have to survive most hateful attacks. You might have to walk through the fire of scorching inhumanity. You might have to be isolated more than you can possibly bear.

You might have to be trapped in the belly of a whale.

The possibilities of what you might have to endure are abundant. And God will use those to create a warrior to fight for His kingdom.

Jesus, our ultimate Teacher, has walked through the most horrifying path. He suffered the most pain even though He did not deserve to be hanged on a cross. But He rose from death, and He is an active living God as ever, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is training His faithful armies for His peoples. He could do it alone, but He chooses to share His Holiness with us mere humans so that we might know His Father. He does this, so that His Father’s endless Love is delivered to us according to His will. As the faithful Son works for His Father, we, too, shall imitate Christ and work for our Lord Jesus. Not because the Lord needs our help, but because Our Father in heaven delights in it. He rejoices in our relationships with Jesus who is our true Gift. We become His children when we are united with His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our highest ideal to please the Father. Because the Father created human beings for Him, for when He created us, He saw us and He was pleased.

By the guidance, discipline, and authority of our Lord Jesus the only one who holds the key to the Father’s Kingdom, it is possible for us to die to ourselves and rise up as new beings. The Lord grants and shares His resurrection even now, within the secret place of our hearts. From there, He raises one up as as a martyr, an intercessor, a preacher, a prophet, a visionary, and any instrument that He sees fit for His plan. He is the master designer of all that ever was, is, and will be. He is the Power, the Key, and the King!

So it is wise for us to follow His counsel, His teachings, His Word, and His direction. Seek Him in all things, as the Eternity dwells in Him. Take only what He gives, not what the world gives, and live the Truth of the Cross.

Boldly pray, “Lead me to the Cross.”

* * *

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