Smile, Live, Love, and Pray

* * *

Smile, have no fear,

I am with you till the end of the days.


Live, in my name,

Celebrate my Resurrection for everything began anew.


Love, all you can,

Bring my Love to the ends of the world.


Pray, and persevere,

For with My Coming, you will finally arrive.

* * *

Our Lady of Korsun Icon written by reinkat
Our Lady of Korsun Icon written by reinkat @

Her latest blog guide the readers to the center of this beautiful icon, our Savior, who came as a baby Jesus. He is worthy of honor, worthy of praise, worthy of veneration. So as our Blessed Mother held him close to her heart, adored and honored Him, we too devote ourselves to Him and praise Our Lord Jesus who is to come in full glory. Follow the Mother who leads us to the Son. Follow the Son who lead us to the Father.

* * *

I consecrate my life to You, Lord Christ.

My work, my relationships, my desires, my will,

my entire existence longs to be united with You.

Envelope my soul in Your Love.

Fill me with Your Spirit.

Let Your Peace overflow within my heart.

May Thy will be done unto me.

Protect us, mighty angels and saints.

Intercede for us Blessed Mother Mary.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

Eternal Father, preserve us.

We cry out to You in the name of Your only son,

Jesus Christ.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. One day, lilyboat, I hope you publish all your prayers into a book.

    1. lilyboat says:

      Thank you Terry- I have a long way to go! I have been reading John Paul II’s prayers. They are so beautiful and powerful!

  2. Biltrix says:

    Beautiful prayer and use of the icon. I love that icon!

    1. lilyboat says:

      Thank you Father. I love that icon as well. She did a great job! And the way she described it in detail in her post, really spoke to me. All things lead to Jesus, in life, as in the painting!

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