My Heart is Glad



My heart is glad and my soul rejoices,

my body, too, abides in confidence;

because you will not abandon my soul to the nether world,

nor will you allow your faithful to undergo corruption.

(PS. 15,9-10)



No you wouldn’t leave my soul in the nether world.

You have gone there before me

so that it may have no power over me.


As death could not touch you

My body and soul shall be safe from corruption

in all my living days for I dwell in you.


Fear shall not harm me.

Confidence and joy will flourish

in all my living days for I am given your grace.


Come Lord Jesus, and find me at your feet.

I bow down before you my Eternal King,

kissing and washing your divine grace in my tears.


The path of whipping and mocking, crucifying and dying,

led you to the resurrection for your eternal reign.

I fall at your feet in awe of you.


You have saved me.

You have pursued me.

You have come for me.

You are here for me.

You will come again.

You will bring me home.


My heart is glad.

My soul rejoices with joy.

My body abides in confidence.


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  1. Very beautiful…Diane

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