Give Love


* * *

I wrote this on July 14 2008 during my depression when I so desperately wanted to love life, love living. I guess I wanted to believe that my life was not in vain. If I knew then how much I was loved by God, and that I was created purely to be loved by Him, I don’t think I would have struggled so to find some meaning in my life, in my existence. God’s Love is enough.

Today marks my 1 year anniversary since I have started this blog. Over the course of a single year, so much healing has taken place and I thank God and my readers for the Love and care. I post this before I walk out to the world to share the very Love I have received to those around my corner of the world. It is a dark world here, as it is in other places. But when God carries you, there is so much light, so much brightness, and so much– Love. So let’s give love today, and eternally through Jesus. 

* * *

Give love — eternally.

don’t expect to be loved back — immediately.


Give love.

Just give.

Just because–

you love.

It will float–

trying to find its home–


It will never disappear.

Love never evaporates.


Like a crystal–

Like a diamond–


It will endure…

a thousand miles –

a thousand oceans-

a thousand lifetimes-


5 Comments Add yours

  1. babli says:

    Glad u feel better.
    Blogging certainly makes us feel good.

    1. lilyboat says:

      Thank you. I am glad I feel better too! Happy blogging to you!

  2. mahidaparth7 says:

    And What if I believe that god does not exist?
    Then Who is there to love me?

    1. lilyboat says:

      Hello, I am not sure if I am understanding what you are asking correctly, but in a depressed state, one is unable to feel loved, or to love. I did have my family and friends who loved me deeply, but because of my illness, I could not know that, or feel that. Eventually, I was brought to the place where I had to believe in the existence of God to survive. I had to believe that He was out there, because I felt so alone and scared in this big, big world..

      You are loved beyond doubt whether you believe or not. We are loved whether we are able to feel it or not. That’s what my illness has taught me. I hope you find your faith. God bless.

      1. mahidaparth7 says:

        I Have lots love to give others. yes I am alone in this big world but I dont need a someone who actually just in our thoughts….

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