Triple Happiness

* * *

Happiness spreads like dandelions!
Happiness spreads like dandelions!

* * *

“I was meant for one thing, gettin’ up and singin’ a good ole country tune.” George Jones, a country singer who recently passed away is remembered to have told People magazine in 1977. And I was meant for one thing: getting up and making a good old cup of coffee.

However, I am off this Saturday so instead of making a good ole coffee, I went out for my morning jog, and stopped at the coffee shop for a break. My manager beams at my entrance.

“Now that you are here…”

Uh-oh. I know what’s coming.

“Andy didn’t show up again.”

“Ok! His shifts are covered by me!”

Just like that, I volunteered to come in as a replacement. What a joy it is to pick up a sudden shift at the coffee bar! It feels good to help when there is an unexpected problem with staffing. One barista that did not show up during the blackout-the busiest hours that most sales take place- means a long line at the register and much longer wait time for the drink. For those who rely on their first cup of coffee to kick off their day, having to wait 10 minutes for their drink is a disaster. Unsatisfactory customer experience must be avoided at all costs in order to run a successful coffee bar. Time is money, and especially so, in the world of coffee where the competition is high.

It makes me happy to be of help for my manager and my fellow baristas. It makes me happy to reduce the wait time for my beloved customers. But most of all, it makes me happy to do the one thing that I was meant to do, to get up and make a good ole cup of coffee. My job comes with devotion, passion, and love. I have become what I have always wished to be since my very young days. I am the person to whom work is no longer a work but a play.

I ran back home with WSJ folded in my hand. What I just read in the paper rang so true to my heart. Happy is the one who has discovered the one thing she is meant to do. Happy is the one who loves doing what she is meant to do. Happy is the one who knows the truth of one’s happy existence. The truth of our happy existence is that all human beings are made to be loved by God. We are His children and we are here to share the joy and love of belonging to the heavenly family. On my sweaty run back home, I have realized that I was all three of the above. I was triple happy.

I walked into the kitchen, and though I was still sweating, I quickly washed my hands and started brewing a pot of decaf coffee for the whole family. When the morning comes to everyone, they will wake up to the smell of coffee. Good morning! I will say, and good it is. It is a blessed morning. Another day is given, and that is a lot to be thankful for.

Forsythia is almost gone, and we are already half way done with spring. It feels like winter was just here. See how fast the seasons come and go. See how fast time flies. Despite all the bad news that we have been getting all over the globe, life moves on. Life continues on. On this journey of Life, we will grieve. We will reap with joy. It will injure us, and it will heal us. It will do a million things to us.

But in the core of it all, we reside in the happiness of God. Happiness is our territory freely given to us by God. Hope remains strengthened by love and life will find its way to the Eternal. One morning at a time, and one coffee at a time.

“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. (Psalm 126:5)”


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  1. reinkat says:

    Just being able to recognize this is a gift and a grace. I hope that I can find this attitude within me this week. Many blessings to you, lilyboat!

  2. Your happiness is evident and contagious… Diane

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