You Are a Suffering Surfer


Don’t be scared–

Don’t be afraid.

You know you are not alone.

You can ride it out–

one wave after another,

one hurricane after another,

until the final tsunami comes,

until the final wave comes

to take you all the way to the shore.



You are a surfer.

You are a suffering surfer–

which makes you one of the strongest surfers.

You can do it.

You can ride it out. Till the end.

Don’t give up the fight.



Eddie Aikau was a surf legend and a brave lifeguard who was lost at sea during the 2,500 mile canoe journey in 1978. When the double-hulled canoe was found leaking, Eddie set out toward Lanai on his surfboard in his attempt to get help. The crew was later rescued, but Eddie was never found.

‘Eddie would go’ is a famous phrase among the surfers. It started around Hawaii and spread to the rest of the world. Eddie went where no one would dare to go, jumping into the ocean to rescue anyone in the high waves. No waves were high enough for Eddie and so the saying spread: Eddie would go.

Though his end came so suddenly, Eddie is a hero to many, still the symbol of courage. When I first heard about Eddie Aikau, I knew he had a strong message to tell. In Hawaii, when my double-minded brain was found leaking during my episodes, I always thought about Eddie. Eddie would go to get help. No matter how high and violent the wave may seem, Eddie would ride out fearlessly. He would never fear the turbulent ocean until his final day comes.

And the same is true with everyone who suffers from bipolar depression. Or those who suffer from any kinds of illness, or financial difficulties, etc. In today’s first reading we find it is written, “We must all experience many hardships before we enter the kingdom of God.” Look towards our final destination which is the kingdom of God and never stop fighting, never stop persevering. The prize is big, and the reward is heavenly. And remember that God has already provided the Way to Him. He has sent us His only Son, and our Lord Jesus Christ. You can do all things through him. So we have strength to say,

“Here I am, Lord send me.”


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