In Times of Birth Pangs


Birth pangs are being felt everywhere.

Battles are being fought, and lives are vanishing.

The darkest hour has come, and yet, so many are still too blind to recognize the darkness. They cannot tell light from dark. Their days are about to get darker, but having no clue, they run to the darkness. They make haste to the pit of darkness.

Every morning we wake up to the bad news written all over the newspapers. Horrible crimes, horrible wars, and horrible deaths just all over the places. It’s so easy to lose track of your path in the midst of all the tragedies. Count your blessings. Get yourself ready to meet Jesus tomorrow, today, or even the very next moment. You don’t know when your time will come.

Don’t despair even if you sense unescapable darkness. Even if the pit is too deep to crawl out of, don’t lose hope. Did you know that jesus works best in that setting? He shines the brightest in the pitch dark nights of your soul. He is the strongest in the weakest moment of your heart. Only then, will you know, that it was not by your strength that you were saved. Only then, will you know the saving grace of Jesus.

Say the rosary every day. Ask for protection and guidance from the Blessed Mother. Ask her to pray for your soul to her Son and to God the Father. She will answer your request most immediately! Just read the list of blessings you may attain through the rosary. So many have been promised  by our Mother. She is a go getter. She has so much to offer, and she always gets things for us.

Remember all the saints and guardian angels. They are assigned by God to personally aid our painful walks in this dangerous world. God knows how horrible, how fearful, how dangerous things could get down here. He is always with us, and even though himself alone is more than enough, he sends even more helps along the way. We are never alone in this battle. Every moment is filled with God-given blessing and grace.

Let not the darkness destroy your peace. Your security is very solid in God. Instead, transform every moment of fear and anxiety, worry and concern into a moment of prayer. Say a prayer for the new bride and her friends who died in the limo fire. Say a prayer for the Syrian people. Say a prayer for the kidnapped bishops. And don’t forget to pray for yourself. Pray that God may strengthen your faith that Satan may not sift you like wheat when your time comes to suffer for Christ.

 “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.(Luke 22:31-32)”

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  1. Great advice, lilyboat. Thank you.

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