What Faith Brings


The good outcome of faith is written in the bible, in both Testaments. Before and after, then and now, yesterday and today, faith holds us together, keeps us afloat, and helps us keep moving on. It gives us the life of Truth. Once Truth sets us free, it is faith that keeps us in the state of freedom in God.

The fruits of faith are many, but the most obvious fruit is the radiating joy. Think about it. Picture a few that you know very well who are believers. What differentiates them? It’s their joyful smile. They all have it. And what are they smiling about? The glory of God, the promise of the Eternal life in God’s kingdom. They believe they are the sons and daughters of the maker of the universe. They know they have the help of the advocate, the Holy Spirit, and Donal Trump can do nothing for them. The immeasurable power and control through God is deeply rooted in their soul, and the Voice of God is heard through their hearts. They are gifted with a special heart that no heart surgeon can provide. They have a heart that can see, hear, and feel God. The heart jumps wildly with an incomparable joy the world has no knowledge of, and every time the heart does its happy tap dance, the believer radiates joy so bright that it lights up the entire room.

The faith originates from love, and it is love instantly fulfilled. For to them, to love is to be loved, and to love God is knowing that God loves us. We love God, because he first loved us, and because he never withdraws his love from us. It is the eternal sun light our souls dwells in. God’s love follows us all day long, all night long, from birth to death, and even after death, especially after death. That love is trying to guide us back home. His faithful love never ceases, and so we are faithful in loving him, serving him, and glorifying him. It is his unfailing love that makes us faithful. Faith is a pure gift, given to those freely by his grace. Faith is granted by God to those who have suffered and endured in the name of Christ, the only Son of God. It is a medal of honor only God can give. It is a badge of ownership, God’s way of saying, “You are mine. You belong to me. You are my faithful child.” And that conviction gives us immense joy. Faith brings joy.

It is with that first thought that I woke up this morning and held the rosary in my hand. It is with that joyful thought that I walk out the door for work way before the sunrise. Here comes another morning without the sunrise, without the peaceful writing hours, without my beloved morning jog. Instead, I will be stuck in the bar, making coffees and making connections with the frowning faces who dread going into work. But that is far from my reality. Through the eyes of faith, the reality is that the sun never went down. The light is always shining in my soul. My spirit is high, caught up in the divine love of God, and his love is pouring down on me, on my soul. My soul is very well regardless of the kind of morning I am facing. Whether the sun is shining or not, it is always bright daytime in the invisible world where my soul dwells.

“By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.(Hebrews 11:3)”

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  1. What a beautiful post….Diane

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