It Is Never too Late to Live




Don’t expect a grand miracle.

The miracle is that you have hands to hold your rosary.

The miracle is that you can recite the prayer straight from your memory,

and the miracle is the peace that follows you throughout the day.


Life lived in a simple way glorifies God

just as life lived in a sacrificial martyrdom.

For it gives great joy for God to see through the well-being of His children.

When we let Him provide all things, our needs are met and our desires fulfilled.


For rightful cause we are asked to carry our crosses,

but also to enjoy the victory of a battle won, and the joy that follows.

The most important thing is this:

Whatever God gives in the moment, he is not asking you to carry on forever.

Sorrow, solitude, suffering shall not last forever.

Joy, Prosperity, health will cease to be.


For the growth of the soul, God gives what is beneficial.

Through darkness, God will strengthen us,

Through temptation, God will be our righteousness,

Through sorrow, God will console us,

Through this life, God will love us.


Everything is a gift, everything is a blessing,

even the pain and sorrow,

depression and loneliness,

all are gifts for us to savor and for us to make into precious offerings.


Today is upon us,

and our only goal on this day shall be,

to praise and glorify God who gave us another brand new day.

Here comes another chance to start all over again.

With this yet another morning embarking upon us,

He is saying, “It is never too late to live.”


How great is His love!



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