Clarification Day


If you follow the messages from Holy Love Ministry, then you will be familiar with “Jesus is here with his heart exposed.”

I have to be honest. It took me a long while to get used to that phrase. I think the media has corrupted the word ‘expose’ as it does all things, and we tend to associate that word with something downgrading. We don’t normally expect to come across ‘Jesus’ and ‘expose’ in the same sentence.

Jesus is here with his heart exposed. 

I’ve always thought ‘reveal’ would make a better choice. Because we often hear that Jesus reveals the truth of the heart. Jesus reveals the sins of the world. Jesus is here with his heart revealed.

But exposed? Personally, I thought that choice of the word makes it sounds too provocative. Until now. Until I came to associate that word with my panic attacks.

Once you have a panic attack, you feel like you are walking around with your heart exposed. Any minor events will upset your heart. You get easily distressed, and things go crashing down very fast triggering more full-blown panic attacks. After the first one, the second one is a matter of time. Once you have the second one, the third war is sure to be had. Before you know it, you are sucked into the whirlwind of panic attack episodes. Eventually, it boils down to one thing. You panic about having panic attacks. The destructive vortex viciously sucks you in, until you break free from the whirlwind.

Exposed heart is an easy target, and it is the vulnerability at its full capacity. Don’t touch my heart, don’t even get near my heart, I am shouting inside, and I shield myself away from any conflicts, any tensions visible and invisible, afraid that if I don’t take cautionary steps, all will break loose and I will be panting on the ground which is not a very attractive sight.

But here comes Jesus with His heart exposed. Not only that, He comes with a message to share. He shares His Holy Love through His exposed heart. His love and compassion pours out from His heart with the power of a strong current of a magnificent waterfall.

And the Love falls down on us. The drops of His precious blood and water baptizes our innermost being, our very soul, where only He can touch. A place set a part, reserved for God alone is visited by the one whose heart is exposed. With His exposed heart, He heals my exposed heart full of anxiety and burden. The power of the connection between the two hearts. Two hearts exposed to merge as one. The crossroad where the divinity and the humanity overlap. The perfect eclipse of the two Love; the Divine Love for a human soul, and a human love for the Divine. A fearfully orchestrated opera, a transformative epic drama, a mysterious encounter.

Before I went to bed last night, I wrote “Clarification Day!” in my calendar under the next day’s date. When your very heart is exposed to the point of collapsing, know this. Your desperate heart is about to tell you something with its entire existence stripped naked. If you choose to listen, then your heart will whisper in a very quiet voice that it is time to get down to the Truth.

So I tell myself, don’t panic. Because the Mighty one whose heart is exposed is at my side holding my soul. Dark clouds are gathering outside. I am walking out to my new shop to put up some window coverings. Unanswered prayers are desperately seeking for its answers, the call for patience is as persistent as ever, faith is withering, confusion and anxiety build up, up and up, and the switch is on, and the fire is ignited. But don’t panic. All will be well. Peace be with you. Angels and Saints are with you. Blessed Mother is with you. I am praying for you– with my heart exposed. 

Oh, the power of words. How clarifying everything looks when we see through the eyes of Jesus. Through His exposed heart, all things find its place and upon gazing the beauty within the heart of Jesus… all fears suddenly vanish.

So don’t panic.

It’s a clarification day.



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