Will You Let Love Be Loved?


St. Francis cried out over and over again saying, “Love is not loved! Love is not loved!” He grieved the crucified Love of Christ who was rejected by the very people He sacrificed His precious body and blood for. Love was not loved.

Christ knows what it is like to have your love rejected. He knows about betrayals and loneliness. His heart was broken, too. They hung Him on the Cross because they did not recognized the Love that has descended from above.

Are you going through a painful break up? Cry out to Jesus.

Is your love belittled and mocked by the one you love? Cry out to Jesus.

Is your love left unanswered and rejected? So did Jesus’. Cry out to Jesus.

St. Francis not only prayed to have the love Jesus had for humanity in his heart, but also to feel the pain His risen Lord carried during His Passion on the Cross. He longed to join in unity with God by suffering the pain of rejection, and the agony of love being not loved.

Perhaps, after your love was not loved, you would have a little glimpse of what Jesus had to suffer. It is something that St. Francis prayed for.

But these questions remain. After that pain, betrayal, and disappointment, can you still believe in love? Would you never give up on love, and know that you are worthy to be loved? 

Will you let love be loved?


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