Get Up


Many were already up and back on their seats. Not many were waiting in kneeling. I usually do. On some sundays, I end up being the only one kneeling in my row until my time is up. But on this day, I was sitting next to a lady who stayed knelt until the very last moment. Even I got up before her. I only got up because I wondered if she was not receiving the holy communion today.

What’s the rush? A question came to my mind. After observing that lady (probably late 70’s),  that question kept ringing in my heart. ‘what’s the rush?’

You cannot push through the line. You don’t run to the front of the line and beat every one else to receive the precious bread and wine first. You will have your turn. It’s more important to have your heart and soul ready in repentance. So what’s the rush?

I got home that afternoon, and found out that my dad had been hired. He was looking for a job since last April with no luck. At his age, and with his foreign background, not many were willing to take him. But one did. I picked up his excitement, and a little nervousness, but most of all, a sense of new hope as he was dropping us that big news. We were all overjoyed.

Then a couple of hours later, my mom got a phone call. Right after my mom moved to Maryland, she introduced herself to a small Korean restaurant owner and left her contact number should she need to hire a chef. That was almost 2 months ago. But that call from the restaurant happened to come on the same day my dad found his job. Talk about perfect timing!

All things happen in due time. Fall cannot be rushed before summer, and winter won’t be so much like winter as we know if it fell right after springtime. You can’t rush. You can only hope with patience and faith.

Later that night as I was trying to fall asleep, I recalled the patient lady with a gentle smile on her face kneeling silently and unstirred. My sunday afternoon mental agony was here again, and the pain was even more visible and distinctive after having such a full week of well and happy state. Instead of trying to agonize and analyze my symptoms and the mystery of this agony always falling on Sunday afternoons, I imitated a gentle smile that old lady had on her face as she was waiting in patience for her turn to receive the Lord. I smiled in bed until the pain became sweet again. I smiled until I was finally blessed with my much desired sleep and the Lord helped me forget about the pain I was feeling in my head and heart.

My most favorite day of the week, Monday, was waiting for me.

I would wake up to a new day, with a new hope, a new mind and heart to start my exciting week again.

But no rush.

Things will unfold as they were planned.

I will meet who I will meet, and I will do what had been entrusted to me.

I can set all worries and anxieties aside and just be.

The act of waiting and hoping in faith is so beautiful.

Loving and living in the Lord is so timeless.

There’s so much beauty in the life of a believer.

To experience the fullness of time is to know the provision of God.

It is to trust in Divine Providence.

And when you have that level of trust, peace will be yours forever .

You shall always have your gentle smile, and have no pain in kneeling.

Then when the time comes, you will hear the Lord calling you. He will simply say–

“Get up.” (Lk 7:14).

And up, we will go.


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  1. reinkat says:

    I loved this post, with its reminder to live in hope and trust–no matter what happens, God is right there with us and all will be well.

    1. lilyboat says:

      Hope and trust in God– a secret to a life full of happiness and love! Thank you Kathy.. God bless!

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