It Was You, Jesus




Jesus, when you have healed me,

you have touched me with your bloody hands

and washed me clean of my sins.

You have given peace to my unforgiving heart.

You saw me when I was grieving and suffering,

and you never left me abandoned.

It was You who were my healer.

It was You who were my comfort.

It was You who worked the miracle.

It was You who came to my rescue.

It was You that saved me.

My lord, I thank you for making me yours.

Yours Forever,


* * *

This is my new movement. I decided to write a Thank you card to Jesus every day. I wrote this card to Jesus in my mind as I was taking a slow walk around the neighborhood. The memories of His healing me touched me very deeply and my gratitude towards Jesus just poured out. Count your blessing! They say. At one time, it was really hard for me to come up with anything that I was thankful for. I was caught in the web of negativity and pessimism, and a prisoner of my own mental illness. I could not see beyond the mind, and body.

But today I see. I see my soul, the way Jesus sees it. He says it is beautiful, and he says so to every single soul God has created. All of us are beautiful souls, and we are more than our bodies and our minds.

So take comfort in Jesus, today, and every day!

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