Something Relaxing


By the grace of God, I am given a long weekend of silent retreat at my favorite monastery in Virginia. It’s timing cannot be more perfect as I am facing some life changing decisions. Of course, every small decision we make on daily basis are all life changing, but some are particularly bigger than the others, and they set milestones.

I hope to bring back some spirit-filled stories when I get back from my stay at the monastery, something worth sharing with all of you, and glorify God by being His witness.

p.s. And thank you for your continued support and prayers. Lilyboat has reached 200 readers today, and it is such a privilege to have you all on board.

We are about to take on a new journey very soon! So, all aboard! 😉


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  1. Enjoy your retreat and may you not miss the blessings that God is providing you.

  2. This is wonderful news, lilyboat. Congratulations on 200 readers. Have a prayerful, relaxing, spirit-filled retreat.

  3. Enjoy your retreat and congratulations on the 200 readers. A monastery is a wonderful place to be.

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