Love Is the Path of Least Resistance


The only way to break through it is to work through it.

A breakup is really a breakthrough, if you can look at the other side of the coin. Just flip it. See what’s on the other side. And learn to see the whole picture.

I remember when I first had my breakthrough in my yoga practice. The day I finally executed the complete headstand is still vivid in my head. It was a major breakthrough and I am not referring that just to my yoga career. I was breaking free from my ties to the realm of the emotional plane. At that time, I was also going through a major breakup in the form of a divorce. My emotional world was turned up side down. There was a chemical war within my physical world.

When it hurts to be in the physical world, it affects your well-being in the mental plane. When you are suffering in your mental state, it threatens the health of your emotional plane. This will put your soul through a chaotic state of imbalance. And that is the real picture of how we exist. Our complex beings exist in this interwoven matrix of life on different planes visible and invisible. Trapped in this sentient body called “a human body”, we are spiritual beings living in many different planes of existence.

Sometimes, when someone asks me where I am from, I want to answer that I am from the Ethereal plane.

“It is a plane out of phase.

It is a place of ghosts and monsters.

It is right next to you, and you don’t even see it.”

-Manual of the Planes

If only they knew how dangerous it is for us all to be here in this current state of the physical world…

If only they knew how each one of us is facing a battle of his own…

If only they could see the torment we must all bear brought by the demon inside us…

We won’t be hating each other. We will be full of compassion towards each other.


If only they knew how much protection God is providing…

If only they knew that they are loved by God…

If only they accept that God has sent His Son to be our guiding light, to be our saving redemption…

We won’t be fighting alone. We will enjoy being here.


And if we embrace the Truth and walk on the path of Love…

Heaven on earth starts right here, right now.


Love is not a hard path.

It is the path of least resistance.

So welcome to the path of Love.

Get on it with no fear.

Life is good here on this plane of Love.

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