You Can Dream

* * *

What’s old is haunting us like an old ghost in a haunted house. Try clinging to what’s past and pretty soon you will find yourself haunting the old house like an old spooky ghost. 

Today begins like a new day I’ve never lived before. Red autumn leaves right outside my window are still full in volume. I hope they never stop clinging to the branches, never dry out and fall off, exposing the trees to stand naked throughout the cold winter about to arrive. This is my new view, my new life in the aftermath of the short-lived dream of becoming a business owner. 

The moment I stopped clinging to my premature business was the moment I set myself free from the pain and suffering of the untimely birth. When something you started during the emotional highs is intervened by your logical mind, congratulate yourself. You just exercised your authority to yourself completely. You have explored both ends of the spectrum of being human. So what is there to regret? I have no time to regret. I only have time to plot my next new adventure. 

I believe in a hard work.

I believe in dreaming big dreams, and never settling for anything less than your dream. 

I believe in the power of a life rebuilt by the pure pursuit of dreams. 

I believe that as long as you believed, loved, and tried your best, you have no reason to regret anything. 

I believe that you can always dream up another dream with no time wasted. 

So when I found an ad for a coffee shop on sale in DC, I knew I had to make that phone call. I sat in front of my writing desk and called the listing agent. My still view of the red autumn leaves was still unfolding outside my window and I opened my ears to hear the never-ending tales of my dream.

* * *


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounds as though you have a peace about your decision…. Diane

  2. leebaileyseiler says:

    You are easy to read. Thanks for making me smile today.

    1. lilyboat says:

      Thank you for so much for your feedback. May the Lord bless you!

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