Peculiar Winter

It’s snowing again this morning. Everyone is surprised by this late snow. This year has been nothing like any other. They even had snow in Jerusalem this winter. I think that sums up the peculiarity of this winter.

This winter was a peculiar season for me as well. It was the winter I lived through the most dilemmas I ever had to deal with in my short 33 years. The fact that I am still here typing in my happy state of mind despite it all suggests many positive outcomes. Healing is a gradual process, perhaps, something that I would be striving to achieve until the day I am perfected in Jesus in heaven. I would never be so imprudent to say that I am completely healed, and that I am free from depression, because, the fact is, once I am far away from God, the evil of depression will always sneak back into my life to drag me into the blackness of darkness. This winter, however, was different. I overcame every obstacles, every unwelcoming surprises, and unexpected events with confidence and patience. I still have much to learn on this walk in becoming the mature faithful, but I am growing, and nothing tells me that more clearly than the fact that I have made this winter through without major breakdowns, depressive episodes, or even a single panic attack.

Thanks to all your prayers about my discernment, a bible verse was given to me a few days ago that offered so much answer. It was a stunning experience, and I was so moved to have a miraculous experience in the power of Holy Spirit in such a way. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all your prayers!

The answer came in the verse from Galations 5:13.

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”

This short verse personally provided so many answers for me, and I have once again realized the great power of the living Word of God. It really does have power to reshape your life and direct you to the path God designed for you. Love, charity and service- these three things will be my compass no matter where I may find myself. I finally applied for my master’s course, and I take my first little step with confidence and faith hoping that this walk will lead me to many who are suffering so much from depression like I once did. For I know that God has set me free from depression, not for an occasion to the flesh, but to serve another like me by love.

I can already feel the one that I am walking towards. I can feel the heavy weight of life and mental torture of darkness the person is going through. The scary storm is upon, but not so long. By the power of love, we can serve one another, and become the door for God to expand his Kingdom of heaven here on earth. How amazing is that? How wonderful would that be to be the part of the story of liberty for the rest of your life?

Happiness is living the purpose driven life. A sacred mission is a call to happiness, and I see now how easy it is to be happy when you have that seed of sacredness in your heart. The liberty to do what you have been called to do, and the mission you carry out with love for God are the true joys of living the Christian life. And they are my ultimate medicine for living the depression-free life.

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