The Prayer of Jabez


This is a quick post to remind my readers that this blog is still an active presence.

I am waiting for God to allow me to write here at Lilyboat again.

I have been quite busy for the good reasons- mainly for my graduate school and child-rearing tasks. I often come here on the sleepless nights when I want to revisit my old-self after I put my baby in her bed and my school work is done. For me, this space is a sacred place where my memories of struggles with bipolar depression vividly come alive. Not to torture me, but to remind me of the things that I shall not forget: God’s healing miracle and His faithfulness.

I went to visit my dear friend yesterday. She is my daughter’s Godmother. I noticed, for the first time, that she had a small metal piece hanging on her front door. On it was the the prayer of Jabez engraved in black letters. Lately, the Holy Spirit has been reminding me of this prayer quite often. I’ve been randomly running across this prayer unintentionally: on the bookshelf at my sister’s house, from the stack of free children’s books I received from my friend, and now, on the wall of my friend’s front door.

Oh, that You would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my territory,
that Your hand would be with me,
and that You would keep me from evil,
that I may not cause pain!

The very first time I read this prayer was a few days before I embarked on my journey to Hawaii in 2008 at my sister’s house. I was a new Christian and I was always so thirsty for any Bible verses that came my way. This prayer spoke to my heart so directly because every word could have been coming straight from my own mouth. I kept this prayer, so beautifully and aptly put in words, in my heart as I was moving across the ocean where God blessed me to go to enlarge my territory. His hand has always been with me, and He surely kept me from evil. I was no longer the pain for myself or for those around me.

I do not know of the timing of my return to this blog, but today, I felt prompted to share the prayer of Jabez with my readers. I hope this prayer brings blessings to those who keep it in their hearts as it did for me. When I reflect on how many of my prayers have been answered, I cannot help but look ahead of my future with joyful expectations. I put my sailor hat on and gaze over the horizon with a look of determination. My small Lilyboat is still floating, powered by the current of the Holy Spirit. I now know where I am going. I now know that even in the stillness, this boat is always going somewhere. And I can’t wait to finally arrive.

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