It’s a Wonderful Life Wherever You Are


One thing I excelled wherever I was, whether in a new town I just moved or in a familiar place where the excitement and newness of the place has long worn out, was that I had no problem transforming my day into something of a… resort style living.

The memory of my childhood that still shines in my heart is about this day I created my own imaginary tree house on our rooftop. There was an old ladder that my dad had left up in the rooftop. That isolated ugly piece of simple wood structure was, to my mind and heart, a perfect item to materialize a tree house that I could only dream of. I placed my toys on the steps of the ladder, hung a fabric to make it more cozy. I would climb a few steps up, and pretend that I was in the middle of thick woods hiding in my tree house.

Now I have grown up, therefore, more resourceful. I am still quite short on cash, but I have no problem enjoying what my mind can conjure up. It normally doesn’t cost a thing! Every morning, I browse and research to plot out a perfect day lived in a resort style. And with perfect summer’s weather playing out so nicely every day, I have no problem coming up with ideas. In the summertime, you really don’t need to think hard to have a little fun. With a cup filled with ice-cold water, I head to the outdoor pool to give my daughter and I a carefree late morning routine. When I really don’t have time, but find myself with a little luck of a brief time alone, I pour my cup with more cold water and drop grapefruit or lime essential oil. The water feels so refreshing. In no time, I am back in Hawaii or on some distant paradise island. How about diffusing some of your favorite essential oils mixed in the water? I use Hawaiian sandalwood in my diffuser and it never fails to put me in a peaceful relaxation mode. Hawaii has never been so close to me. I think I enjoy Hawaii even more than I did when I actually lived on the Big Island.


I was always a firm believer that you don’t have to go far to enjoy vacation. Vacation is right here, right now, it’s only a matter of how well you can alter your state of mind. One easy way to tap your mind into your favorite state of happiness is to use some type of trigger that easily brings up the emotions- or memories- of your happy mood. For me, it has to do with Hawaii, after spending a few years of restoration and rejuvenation of my mind and heart. It may be difficult to travel back to the island, but it is so easy to bring the memories back when you use your personal triggers. For me, those triggers are essential oils, swimming pools, iced waters with lime or grapefruit flavors, and so on.

So if you have a little quiet time by your side, try a cold, cold cup of water with some refreshing flavor dropped in your purified water. You will be amazed how far that simple cup can take you. This is the pure psychology incorporated in your daily life. It may not be groundbreaking enough to alter your life, but if it has small power to positively influence your mood, it has power to empower your mind, to empower your heart, and to empower your life in the long run. Finding that small joy of daily life is the key to living a wonderful life.




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