Serenity for the Soul

IMG_3918.JPGI find it hard to leave this place. I walk around this empty open field feeling complete peacefulness. I know that I am perfectly and totally alone and no one will break my solitude. At least for now. I stop at a place right next to a big tree. Its thick branch shields me from the early afternoon sunlight that burns the entire land. I lift my gaze from my book and find fields of wild grass grown densely. They are almost as tall as me. I can see the thick woods behind the field. I haven’t explored into the woods by myself yet, but I know pretty soon, I will make my way there. I am in no hurry. After all, this is our place. We will be here for a long, long time.

It’s usually warm winter afternoon. I am still wearing my brown sweater coat that envelops me like a warm spring day’s sunlight. Today is almost a spring day with its temperature reaching 60. I can’t believe the luck we are having. Winter has just begun, I know, and there will be snow blizzard sweeping through this town sooner or later. But right now, we have this warm winter day that makes me feel like I stepped into a story book where the story happens on a warm spring day. I feel total contentment, happiness, and everlasting joy. I lift my gaze up to the sky above the wild grass, above the thick woods in the distance, and try my best to stare directly at the shining sun. I could hear my soul gently whispering, “Thank you God for making this happen.”

And I knew at that moment, that my soul has finally found its home and that it was eager to unpack.


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