Simple, Slow, and Smooth

A little dose of the first morning light and a cup of hand drip coffee on this slow Sunday is a great therapy.Hand drip is a timeless art of making coffee. It’s simple. It’s slow. It’s smooth. Just the way I want my Sunday to be. Come to think of it, I wish my whole life would be simple, slow and smooth. How nice would it be if every day could be like Sundays.

I discovered that the tree right outside my balcony is already budding. The air almost smells like spring time this weekend with the temperature reaching almost seventy. As always, whenever the weather is mild and sunny like today, I think about Hawaii. I remember how every day really was like Sunday, with the slow rhythm of life, the daily simplicity of flip flops and tank tops. The day flew by so smoothly, I was cruising on in my little boat with no care in the world. At least, that’s how I remember my good days in Hawaii when I did not suffer from my depressive episodes.

My mind was already transported back to Hawaii the moment I was hand dripping my coffee at six in the morning. This was my job when I lived in Hawaii. I did it every single morning while I managed a coffee bar specializing hand drip Kona coffees. I dripped so many coffees by hand for many locals and tourists. I did not know the chilly dawn air will turn into Hawaiian breeze later in the day. I almost believe that my mind manifested this perfect Hawaii weather on this February day in Virginia and everyone living in this region must thank my wonderfully powerful mind.

How wonderful is it that I carry Hawaii inside my heart like a great book that makes me feel good every time I open it? As always, my brain doesn’t stop at simply reading. It is conjuring up ways to make my move back to Hawaii a reality. But for now, I am content dripping my coffee by hand as I feel the warmth of the springy day that came too early. It feels like Sunday today- simple, slow, and smooth, just as it should be.

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