The Daily Dose

I have a few enemies. If they deserve the honor of a combat, I am ready to fight. If they don’t, I just ignore them, and they become outdated.
– Paulo Coelho

I read this quote a few days back. It touched something in me and I kept it in my heart. I am glad I did, because this quote came in handy in my effort to help my friend see her situation with more clarify. When we hear the truth, we realize that we know it intrinsically. However, it is hard to live out the truth in each moment especially when one is caught in the middle of a violent whirlwind of negative thoughts. This is perhaps why we seek therapists, mentors, wise authors, good friends, and the Bible. And this is why the daily feeding of spiritual reading and spending time in meditation and prayers are important.

The daily dose of spiritual enlightenment equips you to guard your spirit against the attacks of unnecessary battles. Some battles simply drain your energy and Satan would love nothing more when this happens. Sometimes, it is a good idea to let it sit and let the real surface instead of reacting to a situation that triggers intense response right away. Always, reacting in anger or fear or any negativity results in complication. This behavior makes the murky water even murkier and prevents one from seeing the situation with clarity. Being able to catch oneself before one becomes overpowered by the situational emotions requires high level of self-knowledge. The prayer of C.S. Lewis for self-knowledge at the moment as the daily dose is perhaps one of the most necessary prayers in this era suffering from daily stimuli overdose.


Scripture is the true guide to a well-lived life. Once you start to read it, your life will never be the same.

Mark Hart, Unleashing the Power of Scripture

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