Something Greater


There was a time when going to the weekly Eucharistic Adoration was the only thing I looked forward to in my life. It gave me hope to endure my struggling week and it gave me strength to carry on another week. This powerful hour of silence in God’s presence was my everything. I faithfully observed this ritual even more, when the time came that I could not afford to see a therapist because my insurance was lost.

Once, I had to change my therapist because my then-psychologist stopped taking the insurance plan I was on. It turned out to be the greatest blessing because my next psychotherapist would turn out to be my therapist for three long years. She offered stability during those years. When I did not have a true friend to confide in, she became my weekly friend. When I did not yet have God to turn to for my guidance, she became my source of enlightenment, cosmic knowledge, and logical mind.

When we look back, we all have moments when the loss of something led to a greater gain of something better. For me, losing my insurance was one of those moments. I lost my health insurance and gained Eucharistic Adoration. When we are going through the loss, it is hard to see the gain. In the darkness, light seems void.

I got to go to Eucharistic Adoration at my old parish this week. This beloved place of mine is perhaps one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. I would choose to be at Eucharistic Adoration any day over a trip to The Eiffel tower or Niagara Falls, or any other world-famous tourism spots. Those top-100 places to see before you die lists pale in comparison to my small parish during Eucharistic Adoration. This, to me, is pure glory, as pure as I can experience here on this earth. I can’t be happier that God is calling me back to live nearby my old parish once again in just a few weeks. It will be a sad good-bye to this town that had been my home for the last two years, but now I know this loss will lead me to something even greater. When you are walking with Jesus, every loss leads you to something greater.


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