Spring Day

Every day, I discover something new as I get to know this land. Wild flowers are in its fullness adding new colors to my yard. Yesterday, I found Lemon Balm. It was a joyful surprise, a perfect gift from the nature to heal my anxiety. I immediately picked a handful of leaves to make some hot Lemon Balm tea. Tomorrow, I will be planning out my herb garden for Roman Chamomile, lavender, and cilantro. For me, this is the perfect Garden of Eden as it reveals its untouched beauty of nature. Everything on this land grew on its own abstinent of human hands for years. I love its wild beauty; un-manicured and unplanned. I found wild garlic, chives, and lavenders so far, and these are few that I could name. I am not listing countless others I could not recognize due to my ignorance of Botany.

This morning, I sat down on my tree stump in meditation. I envisioned more people sitting around me as we meditate and pray together. I could immediately name a few people in need of relaxation. I could offer some Lemon Balm tea and we could put the worldly stress aside and just be. Just breath and joyfully savor the art of existing. Then I quickly realized that those few that were sitting with me in my imagination were only a friction of  the multitude that are in desperate need of healing moments. There are countless others that I could not picture because of my inability to grasp the entire human sufferings in this ending world.

A quote by Helen Keller comes to my mind.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

A deer friend of mine who has not yet been able to put a name to her personal God and still in her desperate search for Him is coming to visit me for the first time in my new home. Offering comfort and peace to her searching soul is something that I can do today. My heart leaps with joy this morning as I prepare our picnic in my backyard. It turns out, when my mind was creating images of a group of meditators, I was expressing my heart’s desire to connect with other spiritual beings. Life has a way of making your dream come true. I am so glad that my friend chose this day to come and see me.




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