Pure Simplicity


FullSizeRender (15)When you live in a small country town, even going to a post office feels like a special trip. I drive through the open corn field, and more open field with unrecognizable crops, meet happy cows along the way, and drive past a dairy farm. It feels so far away from the modern world, but in just ten minutes, I see McDonald’s, elementary school, Dollar General, Tractor Supply Company (a local favorite!), and a county library. I drive by the only Beer and Wine store in town that’s owned by a friendly Korean man, and then finally, I arrive at the post office where there is hardly ever any line. I just walk right to the counter to be greeted by the same clerk. When my quick chore is done, it’s a happy, relaxing, and almost-meditative drive back to my home again.

I drove almost 40 minutes to a nearby country town called Lovettsville in Virginia to pick up fresh new chicks just a week old. We passed three small country towns along the way until we finally reached the beautiful town of Lovettsville surrounded by the low hills of Appalachian. The lady that posted her chicks ad on craigslist turned out to be quite a millionaire. She had a beautiful house which she shares with her husband, four adopted Asian children from South Korea and China with disabilities. She also had one of the most beautiful animal sanctuaries I’ve seen, equipped with goats, horses, chicks, cats and dogs. My daughter so enjoyed looking at all the animals and all the attention she was getting from the owner’s wonderful daughters that the owner invited me to come visit them any time we want.

I am quickly adjusting to my new pace of life here in this quiet corner of the world  known to not many. In a lot of ways, this village reminds me of my beloved Kailua-kona on the Big Island where everyone knows everyone and life is ever-unchanging, slow and steady. I feel as if I got dropped in the calm ocean, once again, where a small rock won’t stir a big splash or a wave. I once sailed out of Hawaii relying on nothing but my own small vessel powered by the wind of the Holy Spirit. Somehow, life dropped me here at this still point where I am showered by the blessings of my good and faithful Lord. Sure, the wind of change will blow again out of nowhere and I will obey and set sail again. Until then, I shall enjoy the goodness of the Lord and sing hymns of praises. I shall delight in the love of God, just as my child walks over to the blueberry bush to delight herself with hand-picked fresh blueberries each morning. I shall always remember these delightful days of pure simplicity.



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