Lama, lama, wakey wake

How refreshing to wake up to a lama leisurely taking her morning walk! It is not a rare sight for me as I witness it every morning when I go out to get my newspaper, but I love it every time I see it. This lama provokes certain level of peace within me. It starts out with me getting in touch with my inner peace and pretty soon I feel as if I can accomplish the global peace today.  Peace starts with me! (Or did it start with lama?) My neighbor lama’s peaceful presence is influential in the most positive way. You can easily understand why animal-assisted therapies are effective to treat a patient’s mental, emotional, and even physical functions. I receive my lama therapy every morning and I don’t have to pay anything! Another perk of living in the country.


My daughter receives her own sets of animal-assisted therapy, AAT. She loves this blue bunny I got her over Easter. She takes the bunny to her bed every night. You can see her taking this bunny along with her on most car rides. Of all her stuffed animal toys, this bunny is by far her favorite. So many animals came and went but this bunny will always stay. Now she wants real dogs and cats. “Mommy, I want a moving dog!”, she tells me every day. I feel my heart shrink a little every time I hear this phrase. For now, I am grateful that she seems content with her stuffed blue bunny.

It startles me this morning to think how our hearts naturally gear towards goodness. Goodness of peace and comfort, of love and joy. Healing is the positive step forward to the restoration of love and unity. As a matter of fact, this human journey is a healing journey from our brokenness to become whole again as we are created to be. We are born to desire light, not darkness, and in these end times as the darkness governs with more strength, healing and therapy are our modern key words. Everyone is after therapy, it seems.

And I wondered this morning, if I could be like that lama, walking with calm in this world full of calamity, spreading serenity in this stressful place. It’s a hard task, made even harder with my unstable brain hormonal functions. Perhaps that explains why God has placed me here where I am blessed to see my peaceful neighbor lama every morning.

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