Waiting for the Path of Life


This is all the beach I saw today because soon after I took this picture we had some issues getting into our room and after we ordered our pasta which took forever to take out, the night has sunk down on us and my daughter developed her fever and sore throat.

But somehow those commends “Stay in lane. Do not pass” speak volumes tonight as I lay here in an unfarmiliar bed that will be reserved for me for the next two nights.

Last night, I applied for a position that I personally hope to win. It was a position that required me to stay up until 4 in the morning just to complete its sample tests to qualify. After only a few hours of sleep -if I do get this job, this will be my sleep pattern as I will have to work remotely at home during my toddler’s bedtime-, I packed my suicase for my weekend getaway. With my sleepy eyes, I drove almost 4 hours for a relaxing weekend by the ocean.

I last came here back in 2009 when everything was at risk and I had nothing to lose. That’s a win-win situation if you ask me. It was right here in this place that I received the strong call of God for me to make my move to Hawaii, and two months later, I did. I did moved to Hawaii, and I am grateful.

Less than 10 years ago, I was on the verge of schezophnia after my intense episodes of bipolar depression. Tonight, here I am in the comfort of the bed listening to the gentle sound of rain right out my window praying for the acceptance of my job application which will require an intense intellectual thought process. Those gentle tapping sounds of the rain almost resemble my late night typing sounds. It’s the most divine hour that I know- me typing by the open window while soothing breeze washes away my concerns. Oh, how many countless hours have I spent listening to my gentle typing sounds and the waves of the ocean in Hawaii!

And tonight, I desperately pray that God will grant me my wishful thoughts and my heart’s yearning. As He granted my wish to know my path when I last came to this beach town, I hope that He will once again answer my prayers from the depth of my heart.

In the mean time, I will remember to stay in my lane, and I will not pass. I will go at my pace knowing that it will be just fast enough for me.

Tomorrow, I will wake up to a perfectly sunny day and the full view of beach will be within my grasp all day long.


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