This country life and hope, hope, hope


I love this country life. This is my view, one of the countless million-dollar views from my drive from my daughter’s preschool. Can you believe it? How can you ever get tired of this view, this country life? I am beyond blessed.

But still. Oh the seeking. Oh the desires. Oh this turbulent heart of mind. Just yesterday, I applied for a job in Seoul, South Korea. I applied for jobs in Big Island where I used to live. I am forever struggling to fight the urge to apply for jobs in Jeju Island, in my beloved country of South Korea. I am forever restless, and perhaps, I will like this state of my being one of these days.  But not today, I do not like this state at all.

Recently, I have been grateful for God not granting my childish wishes, prudent decisions, or impulsive searches. Throughout my countless wistful thoughts, deep down, I have total comfort in knowing that God will not grant any attempts of mine that do not fit his plan. I am as busy as ever in my attempts to find my path, but this search is actually enjoyable for the first time ever in my life. There is a sense of hope, a sense of expectation, a sense of moving forward. An anticipation to find out what is around the bend.

So you see, I am in need of a lot of prayers…. but aren’t we all. I pray for you all. May the Lord of Creation, create the brightest path for us all….


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