IMG_0084 Clock is ticking slow today. My daughter started coughing two nights ago and we are spending the first day of November inside the house all day. My expectation for this special day suddenly evaporated and all my agendas disappeared. Once the discouragement sank in and I quickly processed the disappointment of a full day in the house with a busy toddler, staying inside today made a lot of sense.

It’s cold outside. I am ready to wake up to a snowy morning any day now. Even though we do not have the luxury of a cozy fire place like I’ve been dreaming of since the beginning of this fall, we have a space heater that works like magic the moment I turn it on. The heat from the heater, the steam from coffee, and warm milk for my little angel, and a toasty bagel sitting by the fresh new copy of today’s paper all add to the special magic that is “today”.

Right in front of the kitchen window, I see wild flowers that my daughter picked for me just yesterday. My fond memory of my yesterday is still so vivid in my head. But today is another day. And I know we will be making yet another special memories that I will cherish for the life time to come even in this small, humble house. Over my kitchen window beyond my flower arrangements, I see even lama lazily and idly sitting down on the grass wasting away her late morning. Tick-tock, tick-tock, I feel as if I can hear the small beat of the time passing by. It’s so quiet. It’s so peaceful. It’s so precious.

We must cherish each moment as if it is the last. I think recent news have taught us enough.

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