Warm Corner

IMG_0443.JPGYou got to have a warm corner where you can cocoon inside and nurture your soul. I have such several places throughout my small country house. This morning, I found myself curled up here in this comfortable corner of my couch in the living room. Covered in my white winter blanket with white cushion supporting my back, I sat here during the wee small hours of this morning and thought about my grandma who passed away this week. I only had warm smiles on my face. No more tears because the sad passage has passed. I can firmly believe that my grandma has finally reached the door of the heaven where our Jesus greets His faithful. My grandma so loved Him during her life in this life. She is in a great place now and I can sense her eternal joy, love, and happiness in this very early morning.

To continue my healing process, I choose to spend my next few days sitting in this warm, fuzzy corner with freshly arrived books from Korea. When I placed my book orders, I had no clue that this would be the week my grandma would enter her eternal home. By the grace of the Lord, I have perfectly timed books that will nurture my soul for the whole week. Of course, the Bible will be my first and foremost healing book, but I believe that God put many other kinds of books to lead and nurture our souls as well. There’s nothing like reading books and drinking coffee and tea in the dimly lit room. Better if you have a warm, fuzzy blanket that softens your heart. Especially when the winter is almost here and outside is freezing.

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