Canon Cure


There are many variations of Pachelbels’ Canon. I have some that I frequent to aid me during some of my major mood variations. They each have their own benefits WITHOUT any side effects-as far as I know-.

* Mood stabilizer:

It starts out quiet, then rises to a crescendo, and stays high thoroughly. This is the dream come true for all the bipolar people. One by one more instruments are added, and you end with full orchestra. Perfect for any full-blown manic episodes. This is also the version I listen to when I am deeply distressed in the depressive episode, and during the period of my hypomanic episode. Strangely, it works on both ends of the bipolar spectrum. Towards the end, I always reach the grandiose delusional musical experience. And after this experience is had, I feel much calmer.

* Anti-Depressant:

When it feels like thick cloud is building up…

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