Life with a Dog


Between a toddler and a 4 months old puppy, I’ve bad very little time left for my quiet reflections. I do miss my previous life with many pauses and serene and idle moments, but this seems fitting at this moment in my life. Our Buddy fills our lives with so much joy. Truly, dogs are gifts from God for us human beings, His beloved children. I always loved the saying that dog is GOD spelled backwards.

I have so many loving memories regarding dogs. If I start to recount my many many small stories of my beloved dogs, I could start a whole new blog site just on that topic. But for now, I will just say this: I can already feel the new door opening up for me with the arrival of my Buddy dog. Welcome to my life, my sweet furry companion!

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  1. Francis Philip says:

    My new dog (now coming on 4 years old) drove me to buy an IPad so that I could stay connected, yet also supervise his random curiosities and mishaps. But, he is a disciplined, self-sufficient, affectionate “good boy” now. May your near-term patience and good puppy leadership pay off sooner than later. 😉

    1. lilyboat says:

      Buddy has been the best dog I ever had! He’s so smart and I am so lucky. He’s potty trained after 3 weeks of training! He does has unbridled energy, and reading about your good boy makes me have hope!

  2. Love that photo of your dog!

    1. lilyboat says:

      Thank you! He loves to dig and find yummy surprises in my yard. I need to watch out for what he puts in his mouth. 🙂

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