He makes all things new

I stepped out of the chapel after praying and discovered forcynthia bushes on the way to their fullness. Even though the winter just won’t budge, spring is fighting her way in, spreading its unmistakable hope all over the world. It looks like snow will fall down any moment and I am wearing two thick layers of winter sweater and jacket. I still feel so shverish. Despite the cold, though, I can’t miss the sense of warmth on this unlikely springy day. Seeing my favorite flower, forcynthia, manifesting once again into this cold, brutal world makes me smile because I know a new cycle of life has begain. All things are new again.

I unloaded my pressing concerns and troubles to my Lord. In tears, I agonized over my fear. There’s just so much fear in my heart. Sometimes, I just cannot contain. I had visions of nightmares all night, ruining my peaceful sleep. Before this anxiety devours me whole as it did so many times in my previous life, I keel before the Lord and send up my petition. In tears, and in broken-heartedness, and in that moment of sweet surrendering, I feel renewed again just like those dry forcynthi bushes coming back to life.

Praise my Lord for He makes all things new every single day.

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