Fully Human and Fully Spiritual

It was a picturesque evening, a perfect version of a carefree summer evening. Not just the evening, my whole day was perfect as a matter of fact. It was a day well lived in perfect balance and harmony of being human and spiritual at the same time. I have to tell you, it is not always easy to find that balance for me. I don’t know how Jesus did it when he walked on earth.

When Jesus walked on earth, he was the perfect embodiment of the spirit and the human. He felt all the emotions that we feel and knew of his approaching death. Yet he boldly claimed that he is in the Father and the Father is in him (John 14:10). Even Jesus relied heavily on the Father in him to complete his mission of redemption, I thought, at one point of my life today.

Morning spent with P, my weekly counselor from Stephen Ministry, was a good start of my perfect day. P is everything I want to be when I am seventy years old. She is a writer for a local newspaper. She helps local elders on her day off. She travels all over the country visiting her grown-up children because they invite her all the time. But most of all, she is at her happiest when she goes to the morning mass on weekdays and loves to stay home at her log cabin by the Potomac river, writing away her day.

I went into the Adoration after saying good bye to P. This Thursday ritual of having a meeting with P and then going into the Adoration right after has been one year in the making and the best therapy I’ve ever received. I usually pick up my daughter from school and go straight home or run errands, but this day, I had another engagement. It’s something that I have never attempted to do: a play date for my daughter with her class friend. We met at the nearby playground on this very hot day. The temperature was reaching 86 degrees and was still on the rise. As me and Colleen watched our daughters play in the playground, the hot summery spring day was passing by so casually. It was 3 in the afternoon when I came home.

In the evening I went out to take a stroll with my daughter and my dog. New flowers I’ve never paid attention to last year are blooming again giving me a second chance to appreciate them. Leah picked me some flowers and proudly presented to me. She loves giving me flowers just as all the toddlers love to do. The sun was setting, and the flowers were so beautiful. And all those flowers were mine to take home. Oh the liberty! Oh the beauty! And oh this precious walk on earth in its fully human and spiritual form.

Today, I replied heavily on God the Father, Jesus, Mother Mary, my counselor P, and the play date with a fellow mom to get through my day. An evening stroll with my daughter picking flower and watching the sunset was the perfect ending to my perfectly human and spiritual day.


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