More than an Easy Day

The day I started my yoga at the local studio about a month ago, I was going through so much anxiety and I did not know what to do with my anxious self. I remembered the flyer I picked up at a coffee bar about a new student special for the first one month of unlimited yoga. Finally, I live in a place where I don’t have to drive forty minutes to get to the closest yoga studio. I left home in a hurry and signed up for the my first month at the studio. The name of the studio was “Easy Day Yoga”. How aptly named. I really could have used one of those easy days. I thought, ‘Ill just focus on doing yoga as much as I could for the next thirty days and see if my days will get any easier to get through’.

Over the course of my past one month, I made a new friend. My neighbor C who just moved from Utah has four daughters. Her youngest happens to be the same age as my daughter, and the two of them have developed a friendship as well. When we were first getting to know each other a month ago, we were both at a loss of what to do with all the challenges that lay ahead after our new moves. Now C has sold her old house in Utah and purchased a new one. Her job search as a pediatrician is still uncertain but I am sure she will find a practice when the time is right. And as for me, I seem to be having a better luck at finding a school that fits better for my daughter. My vocational path is still unclear but I am more at peace with waiting. C is making new connections at her new church and is very much involved with her church community. I am getting more and more acquainted with my new church as well.

The biggest blessing of all has been the three girls, one from mine and two from C. They have been getting along so well. It’s beneficial for my little girl since she is an only child. It’s beneficial for C’s young children because all their toys are still in their storage waiting to be shipped to their new house.

My past month has been an experience affirming my faith in God. He really does send the right people at the right time. It has been so enriching to have C and her family in my life. I hope our presence is the same for her. As we go through the same fate of navigating our careers and raising children, C and I both know that God has put the two of us together for a reason. Our paths have crossed because of His grace. And as all my meaningful human relationships have been, I know this, too, will blossom into something wonderful.

Today, I had a blessed day. It was even better than an easy day I dreamed of when I first started my yoga practice at Easy Day Yoga. I toured a Spanish preschool for my daughter that left me with a very positive feeling. Then my daughter and C’s youngest met at a local library for a story time. The girls have been together ever since this morning. They are having the best time of their life with nothing but the pink pillows, purple blankets and some dresses. It’s time for an early dinner and soon my neighbor C will text once the dinner is ready for all of us.

Today, I am so thankful for this gift of daily fellowship. It’s all because of my God. His love always exceeds my expectation.


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