“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world”.  – John 17:33

I really like sloths. Recently, the word ‘sloth’ has become some sort of a keyword, a symbol for a life lived in leisure. If Hygge is for Nordic lifestyle, then sloth is the way to go in Central and South America. And the idea is catching on. We are always so busy, goal driven, breathlessly striving for something that is only attainable- if attainable at all- in the far future. But what about now? I find myself asking that question every morning when I admire the sunrise. And I answer the same: Yes. the “Now” is very, very important. And I don’t want to miss even a single second of it. 

Taken from the same window on some random mornings, each sunrise is ever so different. I start my day capturing and documenting these wonderful views from my child’s room, standing by the window with the phone in my hand. Sometimes, I can barely open my eyes as I do this.

I live for the dawn when I can aimlessly stare at the morning sun rising. After witnessing the magic of the sun which is the work of God, I quietly climb down the the steps that leads me to my dining table where I sit with a cup of coffee (in my new sloth mug!) to do my Lectio Divina. I read my Bible with an anticipation of what God would say to me. At times, I close my eyes in a trance state somewhere in between this physical world that is in my body and the spiritual realm where I can almost taste the eternity. Through the eyes of the world, I may appear to be committing the sin of sloth. How dare I sit in the corner of my dining room mindlessly watching the sunrise with a Bible in front of me. I sit here all through the sunrise, from the dark dawn to the full daylight of the sun reading merely a few Bible verses and progressing no more than a page of my daily devotional book. The rest of the time is spent in silence meditating on a few words that captivated my mind on that particular morning.

To the eyes of the world, I may be procrastinating.

I could get so much more done within those couple of hours.

But to me- there is nothing more important than to sit down like this and start my day in my quiet conversation with my God who governs it all.

It must begin with Him.

So it will end with Him.

Right here, right now, with Him, throughout my day, that is my only goal which is my only joy that makes my life worth living for.


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