Little Flowers of Love

Here are the remnants of my weekend.  I place two branches still preserving the cherry blossoms in the cup filled with fresh water this morning. This small act is a great kick starter to start the day off right. I have no plans, my toddler has no school today. I left today blank, an unplanned day of retreat, on purpose. With a sense of having nowhere to go and nothing to do, I gently place my flowers on my dining table and let the blossoms soak in the morning sun. And I sit down as well next to my flower where the sun is generous enough for the whole dining room. Everyone gets a sip of fresh drink. Everyone is touched by the warmth of the morning light.

Whatever I end up doing today, my wish is to to preserve this peacefulness of my gentle act of placing the flowers through the day. Whatever the day may bring, whoever I meet, I shall remember the love my flowers offered me this morning. And I, too, will become these little flowers of love.


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